When a warranty inquiry is received, we acknowledge your request, review your file to
determine the nature of the work done on your home, and schedule a visit to
investigate the problem area that prompted your call. If it is covered by your warranty,
we take the necessary remedial act ions-no quest ions asked. Plus we follow-up to
ensure you are satisfied with the work that was done. That's just one more reason why
You will be happy you chose Toronto roofing company ReRoof.ca 
ReRoof.ca Issues all warranties in accordance of the purchase contract and guarantees all work completed, detailed in the purchase contract for a period of 5 years
Toronto roofer ReRoof.ca WARRANTS that for a period of 5 years from the date of complet ion I isted, the roof system installation will not leak water through the system due to:
1. Ordinary wear and tear by the elements, or
2. Improper workmanship in installation of the Roofing System and that it shall fot the WARRANTY PERIOD, repair any such leaks at no expense to the Owner.
Terms & Conditions

Repairs are not warrantied, but we will always review/re-visit if a leak persists
Materials are warrant ied by the manufacturer and subject to their terms & conditions. We will assist
customers on material claims for products used in an installation completed by ReRoof.ca Ltd in Toronto area and other areas.